SPLASH - A game jam on a cruise ship!

October 18-21, 2017 · Tromsø - Trondheim, Norway

SPLASH is a game jam that takes place on a cruise ship, October 18–21, 2017 · Tromsø - Trondheim, Norway.

Framverk + Hamar Game Collective

SPLASH is a collaboration between two Norwegian game networks; Framverk, based in the north of Norway and Hamar Game Collective based in the east.

Our goal is to create a more connected games industry in Norway while also strengthening our ties to the game dev scene in the rest of the world. While our country haven't had many big game companies throughout the years, the indie game scene is now fully blooming with several well received games to be proud of.

So join us on this spectacular game jam through our beautiful landscape, and let us show you what Norway can offer!

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SPLASH wouldn't be possible without the generous help from The Norwegian Film Institute and Innovation Norway.

Do you want to sponsor SPLASH? Drop a line to hello@framverk.com and we'll work something out!